Summer Ever After - Backlist Love

Friday, March 16, 2018

 Happy Friday! This week I wanted to revisit one of my favorite books I've ever written... Considering the weeks of back to back snow storms we've been having, and the prediction of yet another Nor'easter to hit next Tuesday... Summer Ever After is a welcome relief to the cold, wet junk still on the ground right now.

Roman and Abby... *le sigh*

My unexpected couple who overcome misunderstandings and find each other over their love of avocados and sunshine. Just kidding, I'm sure the hot sexy time didn't hurt either. LOL

So if you're looking to escape the droll continuation of a never-ending winter, check this book out.   XOXO

Summer Ever After

At the end of the day, Roman Winters doesn't give up on the girl he loves. All it takes is a little prodding from his nosy neighbor lady, a spunky lovable dog, and the whole dang town... 

Abby's law degree can't help her decipher the mechanics of love or understand its loss when it's over too soon. Loving Roman is unexpected and sweet. It's the very thing she needs at a time she thinks love is gone.

Will they stay connected when summer ends and find happily ever after?

Angel - Backlist Love

Friday, March 9, 2018

Tonight's feature is an oldie but a goodie from my backlist. A little backlist love if you will. :-)

Angel: An Almost Heaven Novella

Who says a short story can't pack an emotional punch? Angel first appeared in the Mouth: A Steamy Anthology benefiting women's breast cancer awareness from October 2015 - to - January 2016.

Bayleigh is looking to graduate college...alive. She works hard and is serious about doing the right thing. Her crazy roommate is more stray cat than good friend and convinces her to go out one night.

How bad could having fun be?

Spencer is a man who gets what he wants when he wants it. His past is as dark as his club, aptly named Purgatory. Meeting Bayleigh puts a wrench into his plans, one that could have this bad boy walking the straight and narrow. 

And you know what they say... The bigger they are, the harder they fall... 

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Catching up with The Vault.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

In the fall, I had an amazing opportunity to work with 22 authors publishing a collection of novellas in The Vault. Have you read any of them? Here are some of my absolute favorites. *wink*

Declan’s Demand:

Declan's Demand

Friday, January 5, 2018

Declan is finally here and he's a badass.

He definitely won't call you the morning after, but for Sydney Meadows, he might just make an exception. 

Declan’s Demand (Dockside Devils, Book 1)

One impulsive decision and she was mine.
An innocent lamb for the taking. 
Sydney thought she could get away with tempting me, but she didn't know the devil behind the suit.
No matter how many Hail Marys she said, I was never letting her go.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

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The Warden - Release Day!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Don't mind the porny music that's a flashback to 1970's, I thought it gave the whole illicit love feel and if anything else I got a good laugh out of it. I hope you do too. :-) The Warden is a complete novella unrelated to any of my other books. This story was written for the Forbidden Anthology if you picked that up, it was available over the summer from July to September and included a number of dark/taboo romances by wonderful authors I got the opportunity to work with on the project.

Cohen Sheppard is our sexy undercover warden trying to break up a female gang and take down a big-time drug dealer on the outside. Benedicta Cruz has been wrongfully convicted of murder and now serving a sentence at the Colby Women's correctional facility. It's a little like Orange is the New Black meets Castle if you're looking for a comparison. It's light on the legal plot and more about the characters fighting their attraction until they give in. Yes, full disclosure, there's an age difference, but Nene is legal and Cohen is hot, so make of that what you will. :-) It IS a taboo story and a fun steamy read I hope you enjoy. xoxo


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The Warden - Exclusive Excerpt!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Warden - a sexy new novella, releases on 11/21/17. 
Catch an excerpt here and see what all the fuss is about. 


A knock on the door startled us, and I stepped away from being so close to Maris. Any familiarity would risk blowing our cover.
“Sir.” Garcia opened the door, eyeing both Maris and me. I cleared my throat, and he resumed walking in, pulling the baby-faced boyfriend killer behind him. He gripped her arm roughly despite the shackles she wore which were unnecessary in my office right now. I wanted to pull him off her but a look from Maris stopped me. I glanced at my files for her name. Benedicta Cruz, her head down and subdued for the moment.
“Garcia, can you escort Ms. Ramos here back to her cell. I’m sure she’s contrite after the episode in the lunchroom.” Garcia’s face twisted in a cruel smile, making me uncomfortable. I masked my emotions carefully giving him no reason to suspect anything. Maris walked out the door, leaving him to follow after her ass as she sashayed down the hallway. I’d have to watch Maris, make sure my partner didn’t shank the head guard after this. That girl might be the death of me, but right now I had to attend to this one in my office. 
Benedicta finally looked around the room with a curious expression. At face value, I was struck by how innocent she looked. Baby-faced was right. Plump cheeks not yet angled by age and smooth skin my hand itched to touch. Clenching my fist, I also knew how looks could be deceiving. 
“Please, sit down.” Gesturing to the chair Maris vacated, the young woman sat down slowly. Her tired movements were deceptive looking like an old woman, which belied her actual age. I observed everything I could about her, wondering if this was just another shrewd contradiction to the truth of who she was according to her file. 
The clock above the doorframe ticked loudly. I walked around the desk sitting in my chair. 
“I called you in here because I wanted to meet you, review your file, and see how you’re acclimating.” A puff of air escaped from her mouth, the only response I got while her gaze drifted to the window overlooking the sunny yard. I found it irritating that I didn’t command her full attention. Being dismissed by two women in one day bothered me more than I cared to admit. My partner had a free pass; this one did not.
“Well?” I asked her, pressing for more than just acknowledgment.
“You read the file. I’m here for four years, seven months and twenty-nine more days.” God, she was like a reinforced brick wall guarding herself. I crossed my arms and leaned back in my chair assessing her.
“Yes, under the assumption you exhibit good behavior.” Her head snapped up so quickly, I was afraid she would wrench her delicate neck. Looking me in the eyes directly, those hazel orbs seemed to sparkle with a hint of defiance and maybe fear. Fear I didn’t like, but that defiance piqued my interest, and my cock hardened shielded from view under the desk. 
“What does that mean?” A gentle voice tinged with anxiety answered back. 
“It means if you stay out of trouble we won’t have to keep meeting like this.” I smiled to reassure her, but she quickly looked away, apparently tuning me out again. I hated that she gave the birds sitting on the window sill more attention. I was the person in charge of her stay here, but she didn’t seem interested in that fact at all. The only information I had on her was in the file. The investigator in me wanted to know more. How did she end up here serving a sentence for murder?
“I know that Maris provoked you. I spoke with her about that.” She snorted saying nothing more except to squeeze her eyes shut and shake her head.
“She’ll leave you alone from now on.” I promised.
“I’m sure she will.” Ms. Cruz was a tough cookie. Why would she have killed someone close to her? What happened in her life which led her down that destructive path?
“She will because I said so.”
“Do you need a special thank you?” Her eyes met mine. I smirked and leaned over the desk. God, my hand needed something to do before I hauled her up out of the seat and into my lap to spank her myself. All these inappropriate thoughts were dangerous and I skirted the line like never before. I had a job to do, boundaries to maintain and this slip of a girl-well, it wasn’t her fault I was attracted to her and it wasn’t my place to get involved in something insidious. What was it with the women I interacted with today? Instead, I reached for a retractable pen on my desk, clicking it twice before tossing it down. 
I let the thank you remark go for now.
“So why did you it, Ms. Cruz?” I picked up the manila folder with her name and inmate number on the tab flipping through papers skimming them over.
“Curious?” She sat back in the chair, her hands clinking from the shackles she currently wore from shaking. 
“The file says you hit him.” I flipped the pages to the investigative report provided. 
“Thirty-three times.” Her voice dropped low, and her gaze went back to the fucking window, ignoring me. If she kept this up, I would shut the blinds to force her attention. 
“In the head.” I clarified wondering how long she would remain impassive. 
Still nothing, and I said, “I imagine it was a fucking mess.” The blood splatter alone would have landed everywhere covering her. Had the detectives found soiled clothes? I rummage through the report but nothing was mentioned. For some reason, it bothered me. A lot of things bothered me, apparently. 

“I imagine it was.”

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